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How to Create a Customer Using the Customer Selection Wizard

This tutorial provides information on the following topics:

The Customers Section Filter List

The navigation pane is located on the left side of the main program window, horizontally divided into two sections:

  • Section Item Buttons
  • Section Filter

The Section Item buttons are located beneath the Section Filter section. The Section Filter changes according to the Section Item Button selected. So, by selecting the 'Customers' button on the Section Items, you will display the Section Filter for Customer Accounts.

The buttons on the Section Filter will display the following Lists in the List View Pane:

All: Lists every customer account in the system
New: Lists customer accounts created within the last 30 days
Frequent: Lists customer accounts with a new work order in the last 90 days and at least as many work orders as the frequent customer work orders setting on the company form
Active: Lists customer accounts for whom there are Job Cards outstanding
Red Listed: Lists customer accounts which have not paid their invoices for more days than the red listed days option on the company form or that have been manually red listed
Black Listed: Lists customer accounts which have not paid their invoices for more days than the black listed days option on the company form or that have been manually black listed
No Work Orders: Lists the customer accounts which do not have Work Orders associated with their accounts 

Create a Customer using the Customer Selection Wizard

The Customer Selection Wizard allows you to create a Customer's Account quickly and effectively. The Customer Selection Wizard added feature is its ability to prevent you from creating a duplicate Customer Account, by using information entered by the user to search for Customer Accounts with similar or the same information.

  1. Activate the Customer Selection Wizard.

    Click 'Tools' on the toolbar and select 'Company Options' from the menu. On the 'Company Form', select 'General' from the List.


    Tick the 'Use Customer Selection Wizard' checkbox. Add any rates that need to be displayed in the Customer Selection Wizard by entering them in the "Customer Selection Wizard Rates' pane.

    Click the 'Save and Close' button.

  2. Click the new button on the Menu bar and select 'Customer' from the Menu

  3. The Customer Creation Wizard is displayed on your screen


    Read the information displayed on the introductory screen to get a better understanding of the process and the steps involved.

  4. To move to the next screen, click the 'Next' button. If you need to go back and change information on a previous screen, click the 'Back' button. If you need to cancel the Wizard, click the 'Cancel button.

  5. The following Screen provides you with the option of recording any 'Fault/Quote/Lead' details - as described by the customer - for whom you are creating an Account.


  6. The third screen provides you with the ability to prevent the creation of duplicate customer accounts. Enter customer's details into anyone of the fields provided.


    Clicking the Next button will prompt the Customer Wizard to search for a Customer Account in Service Master with similar or the same account information.

    If you do not want the Wizard to search for Customer Accounts, leave the fields empty and click the 'Next' button. (See step 8).

  7. If the Customer Wizard identifies a Customer Account in Service Master with similar or the same account information, it will return and display the results on the 'Search Results' form.


    You have three options:

    • Use the Selected Customer
    • Continue with creating a New Customer Account
    • Edit the Customer's Account Information (the Customer's Account displayed on your screen)

    Select either one by clicking the appropriate button and clicking 'Next'.

    If the Customer Wizard is unable to identify Customer Accounts or if you did not search for Customer Accounts in the System, the Wizard will display 'Create New Customer Account' on your screen.


  8. Selecting the 'Continue with creating a New Customer Account' button and clicking 'Next', displays a Customer Account form with empty fields on your screen.

    Enter the Customer's information into the fields provided.

    Move between fields quickly and effectively by using the tab key. Use F4 to activate a drop down list on the form.


    The following are required fields:

    • Account Name
    • Customer Code (Created Automatically by Service Master)
    • Customer Account Type
    • Billing Address

    If you need to create a Site Address for the Customer's Account, click 'Next' to continue. If you do not need to create Site Address for the Customer's Account, tick the 'Do Not Create Address' checkbox before clicking 'Next'.


  9. If you have not ticked the 'Do Not Create Address' checkbox, the Customer Wizard will provide you with the opportunity to create a Site Address for the Customer's Account.

    A Customer's Account may have more than one Site Address, while a Site Address must link to one Customer Account. The Customer Account provides you with essential billing address information while a Site Address provides you with information concerning Work Orders, Job Cards, etc.

    Enter the Site Address information into the fields provided.


    Click the 'Next' button to save the information and to continue Customer Creation Wizard.

  10. The Customer Account Wizard is completed. The Wizard allows you to continue after you have selected one of the four options available.

    • No Action: Close the Wizard  and return to Service Master
    • New Lead: Add the Customer as a new Lead
    • New Quote: Create a Quote for the Customer
    • New Work Order: Create a Work Order for the Customer


    Select one of the four options and click the 'Finish' button. The Customer Wizard will create the Customer's account in Service Master. The account will be stored under 'New' and 'All' on the Customer Section Filter list.