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Install Service Master using DVD

Install Service Master Client

The company that purchases the server license for Service Master Server is entitled to install Service Master Client on all the computers that connect to the server through the network or remotely. There is no limit to the number of clients connecting to the server; therefore, we recommend and encourage the installation of Service Master Client on all computers in the office. This allows for maximum usability of the software.


  1. Insert the Service Master Installation DVD into the DVD-RAM drive
  2. The disk should run automatically once inserted into the drive and the following page will be displayed on your screen:


    If the DVD does not execute automatically, initiate the process by selecting default.htm.


  3. Select the Service Master Client hyperlink on the front page. This will direct you to the Service Master Client Setup Wizard
  4. The Service Master Client Setup Wizard will assist and guide you through the installation process

    Setup Wizard 

  5. Read and accept the license agreement.

    License Agreement 

  6. Select the directory where you would like to save Service Master Server. By default, it will be stored in the 'Program Files' folder on the computers 'C: \' drive.

    Destination Folder

  7. Select how you would like Service Master Client to start

    Run Program Option 

  8. Confirm the installation of Service Master Client

    Run Program Option

  9. 8. The Wizard proceeds to install Service Master Client.

    Installing Service Master

  10. Click the 'Finish' button to finish the installation and to exit the Wizard

    Installation Complete 

  11. After the installation of Service Master, the login form will appear on your screen. If you selected the option not to run Service Master automatically (Step 6), double click the Service Master icon on your computer's desktop

    Login Form 

  12. Login to Service Master

    • Enter your username and password. Users must be setup by the administrator. Ask your administrator for your username and password
    • Enter the Server. The Server is the URL (Uniform Request Locator), IP Address, or Computer Name of the Service Master Server. E.g.:, or myserver
    • Select the correct Port. It is also possible to set the port number for Service Master to communication on. This port is required to match the port number set on the Service Master Server that the client is connecting. The default port number is 49512.A recommended range is between 49000 and 50000. For additional security the administrator may choose to change to port number that the organization uses
    • The Company field contains a List of all the companies to whom the user belongs. When you have entered the username, password, server, and port correctly, clicking the refresh button will populate the company dropdown box with company names. The first company added to the list is the default company selected. This is a required field. The company dropdown only populates if the user enters a valid username, matching password, running server, and matching port.
    • To create a new company, select 'Create a New Company' in the Company field and click OK.

    Login to create a New Company

  13. 13. Create a new company in either Service Master Server or Service Master Client (provided you login as an administrator).