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Change Log

List of changes made to Service Master

Date Released: 2013/02/16
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ServerMultiple company headers are now available for each company.
Waypoints are archived after a default of 100 days to improve performance
Performance enhancement of trips on maps.
The way in which waypoints are saved in the database has changed to improve performance
Feature - ClientA row selector found at the top right of each list determines the quantity of rows that each list will download. Lists load the selected quantity of rows only, thus increasing performance. Scrolling down a list automatically downloads more rows.
Linking to new task now displays the count of links correctly
Change - ServerDefault Fill factor set for all unique and nonunique indexes
Bug Fix - ServerExporting CreditNotes would fail with divide by zero if invoice totaled 0
Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type nvarchar could occur when requesting an Invoice Report or email of.
Bug Fix - ClientIncreased the number of teams a calendar can view.
Progress column (Tasks list view) did not display a value in the list column under certain conditions

Date Released: 2011/12/13
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ServerImprovements to backup size and memory usage and reliability
Improved performance through better indexes.
All components of Service Master are now digitally signed with a secure certificate.
Indexes are automatically defragged on a new maintenance timer
Feature - ClientOverhaul to mapping components in Service Master
Calendar, dashboard and reports can be viewed in a docked windows within the main service master window. By double clicking on the header, the window will undock and be moved to a separate window.
Added new ability to copy opjects. eg: Can now copy quotes by right clicking on an existing quote. Select copy.
Minor improvements to web version.
Ability to copy objects.
New dashboard that shows overview charts
Deleting entire company for express customers
Added 4 additional colours to the flags
Bug Fix - ServerWhen more than one team is linked to a trip, the trip would fail to save.
Bug Fix - ClientAddressed spacing problem on quote printout.
Link to task constrain bug fixed.

Version: BETA
Date Released: 2011/06/22
Change TypeDescription
Change - ServerAdded constraints to FileLink and TaskLinks tables to the ObjectTypeId table

Date Released: 2011/05/30
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ClientMap date selection added to options tab
Service Master remembers and recalls perviously selected radio buttons per section
Bug Fix - ServerEvent Log Searching
Bug Fix - ClientPerformance bug with listviews and reference data
Could not open customer equipment form
Stock Drawn by and Required by were bound to the same data source
The team dropdown on the job card from did not show all active teams
After printing from a form, the menu buttons remained inactive

Date Released: 2011/05/17     Watch Video
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ServerMobile web users may now view all issued jobs.
Feature - ClientExporting to Pastel or Quick Books has been improved. The process of exporting is now threaded, allowing the user to continue working during this process.
New entity called Vehicle has been created. This stores information about the vehicle and teams that the vehicle carries.
Exporting to CSV or XML is now a common feature throughout all list views. The user is able to export all the necessary information per list view as required.
Ability to select a default font and font size for the HTML description fields has been added. This can be adjusted in the company options - in the reports section.
GPS Navigation is now fully featured. You are able to view individual or multiple trips per team, get details about the average speed, maximum speed, distance travelled, start and end points, locations where stopped. Each trip is not automatically linked to a jobcard, quote or lead.
The report wizard had been improved. Improvements include the ability to click back to edit previously selected options, several bug fixes and performance enhancements. Several reports were faulty. These have been fixed.
Create a work order directly from the customers form. Open a customer, select work orders, right click in the list of work orders. Select the address to create a new work order. Similarly with Quotes and Leads.
Users now have the option of using an external email client. Select Employee, program user. A new check box called "Use external default email client" may be toggled to enable this feature.
Change - Client and ServerThe report viewer software is now included in the installer. This increases the size of the file, but removes the requirement to install it separately.
Change - ClientPerformance and memory usage has been improved for Service Master client.
Labour Rates have increased the decimal scale from 2 to 4.
Mapping components have undergone a complete rebuild to improve performance.
Bug Fix - ClientDeleting of objects from the mobile web version failed.
Flag Icon on several list views did not showup.
Deleting files did not function correctly.
After opening a print preview the base form does not return to a workable state.
On the stock transaction form, under certain circumstances, the payment page did not correspond with the correct page when selected.

Date Released: 2011/02/01
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ClientSerialization Performance of forms has improved by 50%
Removed old report section
Change - Client and ServerDramatic Performance Update for all list views forms and reports
Change - ClientMonthly Activity Report - the credit notes column was calculating incorrectly. This has been corrected
Bug Fix - ClientEditing Account info on Company options caused an error
The actual work hours was rounding down to the closest hour
Recurring Work orders failed to initialize

Date Released: 2010/11/22
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ServerDevelopers can save their custom stored procedures, views and functions with the prefix 'custom'. These will not be deleted during an update process
Feature - ClientAnonymous and authenticated users may create a company directly from the client login form. This feature can be disabled on the in Service Master Server - Server options.
The notes section of the customer form now enable notepad type functionality where a user can markup text. This functionality will be used extensively in most notes sections in future versions.
Added the ability to export all reports to Microsoft Word
Performance improvements for several slow queries; including: Maps and Customer Reports
Reviewed the Express version feature listing
Change - ServerPerformance counters improved to allow for a complete review of performance of all methods on the server.
Overhaul of deleting functionality for Companies
Change - Client and ServerUpgraded to use .NET 4.0
Change - ClientReplaced Report Viewer from V9 to V10
Work Order form layout improvements
Reminders and Notifications window is now sizable
Bug Fix - ServerCould not delete company that had a service contract item on it.
Bug Fix - ClientError caused from automatic closing of form if the conditions are not met for form prerequisites.
Work Order Monthly Comparison Report did not order the months in the graph correctly
SMS Templates and Template Events were not being saved correctly.
Improved layout on the new script editor
Minor map stability problem

Date Released: 2010/09/28
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ClientThere is a new button on the SMS form and email form for automatically sending SMSs and emails on save and close if they haven't already been sent.
Change - ClientNew trial users now have the default work order type and default customer account type automatically set so that it is easier for them to start using the program.
Performance of certain listviews has been improved.
Bug Fix - ServerThe client installer on the server which is downloaded and installed by the clients when there is an update would not be overwritten when installing a new server version under certain circumstances.
Bug Fix - ClientOpening an existing customer payment doesn't show invoices for that customer in the dropdown.
Lots of error messages showed up when making changes to the company form from a time zone that is different to the one the server is in.
Receipting a payment and then changing the customer and then pressing cancel would show an error message.
Clicking team is currently here on the calendar context menu of a job card was giving an error message.
It was taking a long time to load the SMS form when creating a new SMS, especially over a slow connection.
Company latitude and longitude fields on the company form were very long and extended off the edge of the form.
A reminders error would sometimes show up when logging off.
Dragging the right side of an object on the calendar would increase the hours greatly and a subsequent resize of the left side would give an error message.
Pastel Partner was not importing certain contact details correctly.
File access throughout the program has been improved to prevent possible file locks.
The button to check the delivery status of an SMS stopped working.
There was an error message when opening the map from the company form.
The start date and end date in the report wizard were both using the wrong hours and minutes in the background causing reports to not show data from parts of the two days.
The office number and fax number fields on the customer form now have max lengths so that the user can't go over the length limit by mistake and get an error message.
The calendar was crashing the whole program if it was resized to be very small.
The problem with statement age analysis totals has been fixed.
Logging out while the reminders window was open and then logging back in would give you an error message after a certain duration and crash the program.
There was an invoke error message when clicking the finish button on the report wizard when the close wizard when finished button was checked.
The report wizard would jump over the Email As page making the user not know that they had to still put in the recipients email address on the page that was jumped over.
The web versions of Service Master would not run unless IIS was installed. IIS is not supposed to be required to run the web versions.
If a quote had no customer name then the quote number would not show up in the quotes listview and the other text in the listview item would shift up slightly out of position.
The invoice report was giving an error message and not displaying if the work description for any of the work orders on the invoice was longer than 500 characters.
A better error message is now provided for when the user doesn't properly select the work order on the invoice.
The statement created for emailing using the report wizard was not showing the company header.

Date Released: 2010/09/15
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ClientThe reports wizard button is now visible on the main form toolbar.
You can now email a job card as an Outlook appointment.
A basic version of the Client Portal website has been created so that your customers can login and view their work orders, invoices, payments, quotes and statements. This feature is still in testing.
Change - ServerService Master Server now connects to Service Master Service instead of going directly to the database.
Change - Client and ServerThe loading of data when logging in, viewing the map and view the calendar has been optimized to be a lot faster over a slow Internet connection.
Change - ClientThe calendar toolbar has been extended to the full width of the calendar.
When creating a new work order it now tells the user to select a customer in the customer dropdown.
Decreased the spacing between calendar items by a small amount.
Contact link permissions have been added for contacts.
Changed the distance from last job on items on the calendar to be distance by road and not as the crow flies.
Changing billed labour on a work order now changes billed hours to closest 2 decimal places.
Moved the panel of objects on the top of the calendar to a tab on the left so that there is a larger viewable area.
The old reports section has been removed. You can enable it again by ticking the checkbox on the Server tab of Service Master Server.
All preview reports would not show much contact information if a default contact was not selected. This has been changed so that if a default contact is not selected then the contact details of the oldest user will be displayed.
The default setting for the permission to edit other team's job cards has been set to off.
Context menu options for open and delete have been added for the quotes and leads tabs on the customers form.
The map has been given a better icon for the top left of the window.
The country tax name is now coming from the company instead of from the global options.
The customer addresses flyout on the customer listview context menu now only loads once when showing the context menu instead of every time.
If billed hours total on the work order loses focus and has changed then a new billed labour total is automatically calculated.
Now opens the contact when clicking the contacts name on the context menu of the customer and customer address listviews.
The customer preview report no longer shows site addresses that are discontinued.
Contact information on the customers and customer addresses listviews has been changed to only load when the user hovers over them to improve performance when loading the data.
Phone number has been changed to office number in all places for contacts.
Cached contact info on contact submenu item of context menu on customers listview to improve performance.
Labour totals automatically update on the job card when changed.
An audit trail event is created when someone exports accounts.
Now includes company name when searching for a contact in the contacts listview.
Bug Fix - ServerThe install wizard where you set up the server settings and license information was not working.
Various changes were made to the handling of data from GPS devices to make it more reliable.
There was a problem with deleting a company because of new data in the reports section.
If change tracking was enabled then it would prevent the service from starting up.
Bug Fix - ClientAll URLs that were pointing to have been changed to point to
The credit notes tab was still showing if a user did not have permissions to view credit notes.
The supplier price listings icon has been set to the right one again.
The opening of the map has been improved so that it doesn't hang while waiting for data.
Reminder objects could not be opened from the reminders popup window.
You can now see the invoice numbers of the invoices that failed when exporting to Pastel.
A dll file called xpexplorer.dll was not being overwritten on install which meant that any changes to the file would not appear in the program.
Amount columns were not right aligned on the payments and credit notes tabs on the invoice.
Fixed an error that happened when sending an SMS from the customer address form.
Improved the error message which is shown when opening the map, calendar or report wizard when you have been logged out.
The invoice amount was not right aligned on the invoices tab of the work order form.
Apostrophes in the billing address of an invoice caused exporting it to Pastel to fail.
Labour rate dropdown and add button on job card were slightly different sizes and didn't line up.
The black listed warning was not displaying nicely when opening an object over a slow connection.
The calendar would sometimes hang the application when being opened if it had a lot of data to get or over a slow connection.
The current location of the team on the calendar is working again.
Error when clicking on select service if service has no price on service search form.
There was an error when importing customers from Pastel Partner to do with the date which happened for only a few users.
Could not save a file from the files tab which is found on a lot of the forms.
The debtors age analysis report was not showing cents.
Sending an SMS from the task form failed if the task was not saved first.
A few of the reports in the reports section were cutting of the data at the wrong point for the end date.
The contact context menu on the site address tab on the customer form was showing blank fields.
The calendar was getting its data twice when it was opened for the first time.
Not all contact information was being exported when exporting customers and customer addresses to Pastel Partner.
The map would give an error message if the data arrived at the exact same time as the map was being drawn.
Opening the contact link events form blocked the user from using the rest of the program while it was open.
You would get an error when closing the service search form if you didn't search for anything first.
The due date on a task was sometimes being rounded up by 1 minute.
The fault description on a work order was too long to fit into the work description on an invoice so an error would sometimes occur when creating an invoice from a work order.
Double clicking on a small area on the right of a job card on the calendar moved the job card to the next team instead of opening it.
Maps were not working in the trial version.
Fixed the error message that was showing up when a user tried to delete a job card from the work order form.

Date Released: 2010/06/25
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ServerYou now have the ability to let the server automatically download and cache all map tiles within the max location distance of the company by using the auto downloader button in the maps section of the company form. This will make your maps much more responsive.
Feature - ClientNew shortcut added for lead (CTRL + L).
You can now export customer payments to Pastel Evolution.
There is a new reports wizard which will make it easier for you to view reports and then save them for later viewing. You can also use your own custom scripts for generating reports.
You can now see tasks on the calendar.
You can now export customer payments to Pastel Partner.
You can now get an auto login URL from the login page of the mobile version which will make it a lot quicker to login.
All assumed routes on the calendar now go along the roads instead of being a straight line between the different points.
You can now email quotes, work orders, invoices and job cards from the mobile version.
You can now export expenses to Pastel Partner.
You can now export credit notes to Pastel Evolution.
You can now see the size of the data returned from the server when you open a form.
The product form now has a web link to a webpage for that product.
There is a new filter called Exported Invoices in the invoices section.
Change - ServerThere is a new progress window for downloading server updates from Service Master Server which allows you to cancel the download if you want to.
Change - ClientThe sound that played when the reminders window popped up has been removed because some people were getting annoyed by it.
All map options in on the company form have been moved to the maps tab.
When printing to the server and no default printer is selected then the user is now informed that no default printer has been selected for that print option.
You can now export results to CSV after exporting data to your accounting program.
All assumed routes are limited to within the company max location distance.
All search textboxes will now automatically get the focus when you click on search to search a list in the mobile version.
Jobs on the calendar which have worked times on them will use the worked times instead of the job date and duration for displaying them on the calendar.
A better error message is now shown if you open a file from the file form when the file doesn't exist on the server.
The using mobile device option in the mobile version has been removed because it was confusing users.
A totals row was added to the work orders not invoiced report.
Service messages have been changed to look like a tray icon popup.
A colon is now automatically inserted when adding job times in the mobile version.
Audit trail descriptions were not descriptive enough.
The report that is displayed after exporting invoices now shows totals for callout, labour, services and materials.
Contact options on the context menu for the customers listview were changed around in order to make them work better with multiple contacts.
The mobile version did not allow you to add products to a stock transaction.
The duration of the task has been added to tasks.
You can now search tasks by task category.
Service messages now show in a window at the bottom right of the screen instead of in the reminders window.
You can now set the callout of a job card in the mobile version.
You can now add and edit contact links for customers and customer addresses in the mobile version.
Selling price has been added to the service category preview.
Error reports sent from clients include more information in them to make it easier to find where the error happened.
The mobile version products and services searches have been improved to make it easier to find what you are looking for.
Retrieving assumed routes on the map has been multi-threaded so that the map doesn't freeze and wait for the routes to be shown.
Export context menu items are now hidden if an accounting program has not been set up in company options.
The selected contact now stays selected when saving and refreshing a form with multiple contacts on it.
You now have the ability to select which job cards you want to export to Outlook instead of just all of them.
The time zone option in the company options has been changed to a dropdown so that it is easier to set your time zone.
Bug Fix - ServerThe server installer was unable to restore backups from failed installations.
Email notifications of backups completed were not being sent to customers.
Bug Fix - ClientAccounts exported was not calculating the end date properly when getting invoices.
Paid labels were deleted from the accounts exported form because they shouldn't be there.
The special permission for preventing teams from changing the jobs of other teams worked on the calendar only but not on the job card form which it does now.
Quantity was losing anything after the decimal point when adding a product to a quote.
The title of the accounts exported form kept on getting longer the more you saved.
Customer and customer address contacts were not being exported to Pastel Partner or Pastel Evolution properly.
The remember me checkbox on the mobile version login page has been removed.
Certain contact links options were being hidden on the supplier form.
Fixed a bug where an error message was shown if you clicked on a file on one of the forms when the file didn't exist on the server.
Objects printed from the calendar were not displaying the company header.
The waiting circle was not working on the company form.
Invoices that had an email linked to them but the email hadn't been sent were showing up as sent.
Some contact fields were not being shown for customers and customer addresses in the mobile version.
There was an error when trying to edit a job card in the mobile version when it had no date on it.
The tab order on the invoice form has been fixed.
The service category name now has a max length on the textbox to prevent users from entering a name that is too long which causes an error.
The supplier price listings form had no audit trail on it.
You would get an error message if you tried to create an invoice from a work order for 1 000 000 or more.
Clicking on the address label on the supplier form caused an error.
The minimum height of the customer form was changed so that it doesn't hide contact link options.
The supplier price listings form title kept getting longer the more you saved and refreshed.
The pages on the left of all forms no longer hides pages if there are more of them than can fit in it. It also no longer gets cut off half way down on forms with big heights.
Accounts exported could not be saved
Status circle now works when exporting accounts using the accounts exported form.
Contact details were not showing up on the suppliers and manufacturers previews.
It was impossible to print anything other than job cards on the calendar.
The notifications window was not supposed to open a second time after opening it from the tray icon.
The Today and Tomorrow filter options on the calendar would stay on the day selected even on the next day instead of moving forward.
It was not possible to delete accounts exported unless they were completely empty.
An out of memory error that occurred after opening a lot of forms which prevented further use of the program until restarted has been fixed.
The name of the permission for editing another team's job cards was cut off near the end.
Authenticating a user who logged in on another computer was not done on all of the forms.

Date Released: 2010/05/18
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ClientYou are now able to receive service messages from us to notify you of things like updates to the program or service disruptions.
The customer page and the customer address page in the mobile version now have a link to contacts.
There is a new link on the start menu which you can use to allow us to give you remote support. There is also an option in Service Master on the help menu which does the same thing.
Bug Fix - ClientThere was a problem with importing and exporting customers to and from Pastel Partner.
An error message would appear when a newly created user logged in. All already existing users were not affected by this though.
Fixed multiple problems with importing and exporting customers to and from Pastel Evolution and exporting invoices.
Creating invoices did not put the invoice number in sometimes and the result was an error when accessing the objects without numbers.
Trying to add a new accounting program in the company options caused numerous errors.
The Service Master Web Access button in the tools menu didn't work if you logged into a server using a port number.
There was a problem with viewing statements from the customers form and a problem creating an invoice with a statement attached to it for sending by email.
Fixed a problem with prevented users from creating new stock profiles.
A lot of audit trails were missing the object number so it was impossible to see what they were linked to.
When printing a team's jobs for the day on the calendar the team name would sometimes be wrong on the printouts and the jobs were not ordered by date.

Date Released: 2010/05/12
Change TypeDescription
Feature - ClientA new report for work orders not invoiced has been added.
There are now better descriptions when hovering over calendar items.
You can now show the map or the calendar from the context menu of the Service Master tray icon.
You can now print a team's jobs for the day on the calendar by right-clicking on the teams checkbox and clicking one of the print options.
New Service Master Web Access button on the tools menu of the main form.
Added new Service Master Web Access button to tools menu.
You can now view routes to a job on the map from the job card form and the map buttons have been rearranged to make them easier to use.
There is a new right click option on the leads listview for cancelling leads.
The map has a new filter option for showing data on the map for tomorrow.
Objects on the calendar now automatically round to the nearest half hour as you drag them.
Invoices can now be set as bad debts for when you are unable to receive payments for them.
You can now use SMS templates from the right click menu for job cards on the calendar.
Ability to select multiple items in the unassigned list on the calendar and there are new cancel, open, delete and print options.
You can now use shortcut keys on both the calendar and the map.
You can now email job cards to both customers and team leaders from the job card form.
Change - ServerFormatting of service uptime has been improved.
Change - ClientTeams have been added to the expenses listview and you can search by team as well.
All map lookups now go through the server.
Service Master Client has been renamed to just Service Master.
The buttons on the main form for the calendar and the map have been changed from toggle buttons to normal buttons.
Bug Fix - ServerAll databases have been set to the same compatibility level of 100 to prevent any future compatibility problems.
Bug Fix - ClientRequired fields were being shared among multiple companies.
An error message popped up if you hovered over a deleted job card on the calendar.
Expenses can now be deleted from a team again.
There was an error when adding a work order to an invoice from the dropdown.
There was an error when setting a lead to cancelled.
The work order and job card previews were not showing the contact information sometimes.
The map was opening multiple times when opened from the calendar repeatedly.
Pressing Enter did not move the focus to the next field when adding customer equipment on the customer address form.
Customer equipment adder textboxes did not have a max length.
There is new a row header on the customer equipment grid on the customer address form.
The default contact dropdown was showing (Add new contact) instead of (None).
The distance from previous job on calendar items was overwriting the other things in the box if it was too small.
The log out button in the mobile version was not working on certain phones and operating systems.
Deleting a contact linked to a customer and then deleting the customer caused an error.
You can now use enter to move between fields on the customer equipment adder.
The map kept on taking focus when auto-refresh was on and the map was in the background.
The customer equipment grid on the customer address form did not have row headers.