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Install Service Master using DVD

Install Service Master Server

One server license is required for each installation of Service Master Server. Each installation of Service Master Server can manage multiple teams and multiple companies.


  1. Insert the Service Master Installation DVD into the DVD-RAM drive
  2. The disk should run automatically once inserted into the drive and the following will be displayed on your screen:


    If the DVD does not execute automatically, initiate the process by selecting default.htm.


  3. Select the Service Master Server hyperlink on the front page. This will direct you to the Service Master Server page.


  4. Read the hardware and software requirements section to ensure that the computer you are using to install Service Master Server on meets the necessary pre-requisites.
  5. Begin the Service Master Server installation by clicking the 'Install Windows Installer 3.1' hyperlink

    • Read and Accept the license agreement

      License Agreement

    • Click the Next button on the license agreement form and proceed to install the application.

      Updating your System 

    • Click the 'Finish' button on the 'Updating Your System' form to complete the installation.

      Installation Complete

      After the installation is complete, restart your computer.

  6. Install Microsoft .NET 2.0 for either a 32 bit or 64 bit computer.

    • After extracting the application and all its components to your computer, you can begin to install it. The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Setup Wizard with guide you through the installation process.

      Welcome to Setup 

    • Read and Accept the license agreement

      License Agreement 

    • The Wizard will proceed to Install .NET 2.0

      Install Components 

    • Click the 'Finish' button to finish the installation.

      Installation Complete

      You can now proceed to Step 3: "Install SQL Server 2005 (Express Edition)

  7. Click the 'Install SQL Server Express' hyperlink. 

    • Clicking the hyperlink will execute a MS-DOS Batch File, which will automatically install SQL Server Express together with the required database instance required to run Service Master.


    • SQL Server will install necessary pre-requisites. These are certain software components that are required before the installing SQL Server 2005. 

      Installing pre-requisites

    • The 'Systems Configuration Check' ensures there are no current programs or components installed on your computer that might cause installation problems.

      Config Check

      Complete the ‘System Configuration Check’ without any error messages. Any errors need to be resolved before you can continue installing SQL Server 2005. After successfully installing SQL Server Express, install Service Master Server.

  8. Install Service Master Server

    • The Service Master Server Setup Wizard will assist you with the installation process.

      Front Page of Wizard

      Click 'Next' to move forward through the Wizard, 'Back' to move backwards through the Wizard and 'Cancel', to cancel and exit the Wizard.

    • Read and accept the license agreement, follow the prompts and proceed to install Service Master Server

      License Agreement

    • Select how you would like Service Master Service to start, i.e. would you like it to start automatically as your computer switches on, would you like to start it manually, etc.

      Select Start Mode 

    • Select the directory where you would like to save Service Master Server. By default, it will be stored in the 'Program Files' folder on the computers 'C: \' drive. 

      Select Installation Folder

      If you need to store the application in a different folder or in a different directory, click the 'Browse' button to browse to the required location.

    • Confirm the Installation. If you need to make changes to any settings, click the 'Back' button to return to the page where you need to make the change.

      Confirm Installation 

    • The Service Master Server Installation Wizard will proceed to install Service Master Server onto the computer

      Install Server 

    • The Startup Wizard will assist you to configure the following:

      • License
      • Activation
      • Login Permissions
      • Communication Settings

      Start up Wizard

    • Before you are able to install Service Master, you will need to enter and validate your license. Enter your Name, Company's name, company's email address and your license key into the fields provided on the License form.

      Validate License

      Click the 'Validate' button to validate your license information. If the validation fails, ensure that you have entered the license information in correctly.

    • After validating your license, you need to activate the license to start using Service Master Server. Click the 'Activate Now' button. A message will appear informing you that your license has been activated 

      Activate License 

    • Record admin username and password to login to Service Master. The administrator will have full access to Service Master Server.

      Admin Login Settings 

    • Enter your SMTP Server details. You will not be able to send an email from Service Master if you have not entered this information in correctly.


      If you do not need to send emails and/or an texting from Service Master, you can disable the service by ticking the 'Disable Email Communication" and/or the "Disable SMS Communication" checkboxes.

    • If you have not yet Registered Service Master Server, you will be able to do that now. Otherwise, click the 'Next' button.

      Register Now 

    • Your installation of Service Master Server is complete.

      Installation Complete 

      You will see the Service Master Icons appearing on your desktop. You can now proceed to install Service Master Client from the DVD.